Sober September

For no special reason, Phil and I decided to have a sober September. I’ve never done a sober month before (he has) and I wanted to see if it would [a] be really difficult and [b] make a noticeable difference in my body and overall health.


We went on two vacations in the month of August, which meant more alcohol than normal (even though we’re not heavy drinkers — we usually stick to the 3 nights a week rule), and we had no major plans or parties to go to in September, which led to us getting on the wagon.

So far, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. I’ve only really MISSED having a drink a couple of times — out at a pub or at a friend’s house — but for the most part, my body got used to the lack of alcohol quickly. The difficulty factor came out early on, since London is a city built around pubs, bars, and off-licenses. You can’t walk down a street here without being confronted by the lure of a drink.

Health-wise, I have more energy, feel better in the mornings (hangover or not), and don’t have that bloated blah feeling nearly as much.

It reminds me of how I felt once I stopped eating the foods I discovered I was allergic to. This may be a new leaf I’m turning over. I think I might cut back even more on the drinking once the month is over. And no, I’m not going to get hammered in October! But I can’t say no to a good glass of wine every once in a while.

[Photo by Phil, taken at John’s Pizzeria in NYC]

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  1. lucyfoxx says:

    You are a stronger lady than I. I admire your strength of character, and respect your desire for a healthier lifestyle. But I tell you what, if you start telling me you’re training for a marathon, and asking if I’d like to donate, there may be slaps! That’s all I’m saying 😉

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