friday cocktail

what were friday evenings made for if not to enjoy a refreshing drink after work? this past one was absolutely no exception, and i was treated to a fabulous caipiroska by phil (one great mixologist if i do say so myself).

he made this for me during my first visit to london over a year ago and it used to be our favourite cocktail. it had been a while since he’d mixed one up for me, and since we had a few limes in the flat, friday was the perfect time to bring it back.


enjoy responsibly 😉


the particulars:

  • juice of 3 limes (1/2 lime saved for wedge garnish)
  • 2 tbsp sugar mixed with a splash of boiling water
  • 8 ice cubes
  • double shot of vodka (grey goose, natch)
  1. juice the limes (saving a 1/2 to slice in wedges for your glass) and pour into cocktail mixer.
  2. boil up some water and mix the sugar in with the water to create a syrup. add to mixer.
  3. crush 8 ice cubes — take your work stress out here.
  4. add to mixer, and pour in vodka. shake for 1 minute.
  5. pour into glass, and add lime wedges on top. drink up!

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One Comment on “friday cocktail”

  1. phil says:

    i want another one of these. tonight. a thursday. is that allowed?

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