indulging at borough

my friends from maui have exactly one more day in london before they head home for the holidays, so i thought i’d take them to one of my favourite spots in london: borough market. it has become somewhat of a special occasion to venture over there, since i used to go much more often while working at an office nearby. and now that i’ve had a taste again, i’m determined to go back more and more – i could totally do my weekly grocery shopping there, right?

it probably wasn’t the best idea to go there at 12.30 on a friday (lineslinespeoplelinescrowdsqueuesetcetcetc) but we found a quiet corner and a (GASP!) table to sit and eat our lunch on.

before we could get very far when we arrived, my nose took me to get a cup of “hot mulled apple” (aka hot apple cider to americans). it tasted like wintry america.


after wandering around the whole market, sampling the goods, we were on the hunt for some delicious lunch to silence our grumbling tummies. i remembered a great veggie burger stall that i was determined to find again for elisa and i, while gabe was in a more carnivorous mood (he was eying up the bratwurst at the next stall over). the veggie burgers came from a company called the veggie table and are absolutely delightful. in the summer, you can enjoy one of their two burgers in a box of mixed salads for a fiver. in the winter, however, the burgers are served either in a bun or a hearty cabbage leaf with your choice of sauces.


i opted for the all-vegan, gluten-free “super veg” burger in a leaf with some hummus and tomato & chili chutney. elisa tried the “heavenly halloumi” burger with pesto and hummus. they were pretty messy to eat (thank goodness we found that table) but perfectly scrumptious.


i grabbed a brownie for phil on our way out of the market and made mental notes of which stalls i want to peruse on my next visit to borough. maybe when it’s a little less crowded.

there are some wonderful sights and smells at the market, so it’s worth going just for the sensory overload. and while i was able to find some decent vegetarian food for lunch today, carnivores will find themselves in meat paradise. just an fyi 🙂

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9 Comments on “indulging at borough”

  1. lucyfoxx says:

    Yeah, I love all the carnivorous goodness at Borough! It’s delicious! I also recommend the Argentian epanadas. No meat, but a lot of cheese… I probably shouldn’t be writing these things on this blog! I feel a bit naughty!

  2. phil says:

    brownie? score! thanks.. 🙂

  3. Molly – While I admit that I usually don’t jump at the thought of things being “egg-free” or “dairy-free”, I have to admit: you’ve got a great site going on here. 🙂 Will definitely pass it on to all my vegetarian/vegan friends.

    And I’m so glad you found good vegetarian food at Borough “The Carnivore’s Dream” Market. 🙂

  4. Kat says:

    Hope we can go to the market when I come to visit! Can’t wait to see you! xoxoxo

  5. Bron says:

    Molly you so can do your weekly shop at Borough. I do and my weekly menu is truly awesome. Different to yours but the same aim!

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