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unfortunately, i don’t have a recipe to share with you today. it’s been a pretty hectic week already (and it’s only tuesday – how did that happen?) but i promise i’ll be back with a great recipe tomorrow, using one of the new sainsbury’s freefrom products that i was given at last week’s party!

in the meantime, i wanted to point out all of the great attention that food allergies have been getting lately from national and international press. i was delighted to be invited and attend the sainsbury’s party last week – a great step in the right direction – but i’m also loving all of the press over in the states around cybele pascal and her allergen-free baker’s handbook. i mentioned her recently when i baked (with success!) cybele’s vanilla cupcakes and raved about it.

being an awesome person, cybele actually emailed me a few days ago to say thanks – how cool is that? she mentioned her upcoming appearance on the martha stewart show. unfortunately, i couldn’t tune in yesterday to watch it – she made allergen-free crumb cake. looks amazing. i had my mom over in san diego record it for me so i can watch it when i visit in april! 🙂

but i have been doing a little googling and youtubing, and it seems that cybele has made tons of tv appearances – including a previous martha episode. love it! check these out!

p.s. if there are any other rent nerds out there, cybele is married to adam pascal, the original roger on broadway (and roger from the movie version)! lol i know my friend lucy will surely appreciate this 🙂

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    I just found out about Cybele’s book and cannot wait to get my grubby paws on a copy of it!
    also: oooh! Rent!!

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