crazy summer

offering you a quick update here amidst a seriously hectic summer to say hello and make sure you know that i haven’t forgotten about the particular kitchen and will be back with regular updates on my return from italy. we’re off on a tuscan adventure on wednesday – two weeks of italian bliss!

and hopefully by the time we get home, we’ll have internet in our new flat and life will resume to some degree of normalcy.

in the meantime, greetings from a pub in sheffield where they have free wifi and where phil’s whole family is staying for his brother’s wedding (which was last night and unbelievably gorgeous)! i will be back with you before this summer ends – got a serious backlog of posts lined up!

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2 Comments on “crazy summer”

  1. Kat says:

    Looking forward to your posts once you’re re-connected! xo

  2. Teddy says:

    just stopping by to say you are missed! I should be in england thanksgiving time-ish. which I know doesn’t exist there lol

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