Baking for Two

by Molly on June 18, 2013

in desserts

Yep, I’m still pregnant. I really really hope I don’t have to say this for too much longer! For now, though, the little one is staying put. We were sort of hoping Phil could celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday as a new dad, but junior has other plans.   So, to distract ourselves from the […]

Early Summer Treat

by Molly on May 10, 2013

in desserts

There’s a lot going on around here. My baby is due in just over a month and we just bought a house, moving in next week! Hence, a lack of recipes, let alone blog posts. But every so often, when time allows, I get a strong urge to bake. It’s therapeutic in the same way […]

Amazing Carob

by Molly on March 15, 2013

in desserts

  Have you tried carob? It is subtly sweet with a hint of chocolate flavor and comes packed with wonderful nutrients. And in this case, makes for a delicious raw “truffle” you can snack on any time. Why did I use carob here instead of cocoa or cacao powder? Benefits of Carob Carob is caffeine-free, […]

Unbelievable Brownies

by Molly on March 1, 2013

in desserts

With a pretty much insatiable appetite for everything these days, I was so excited when a friend emailed me the link to a fabulous gluten-free brownie recipe from Left on Amelia via Elana’s Pantry. This friend is also pregnant, so I was thrilled to try it out after her rave reviews! They’re pretty genius (not […]

Dehydration Adventures

by Molly on January 18, 2013

in desserts

My parents-in-law generously bought me a food dehydrator for Christmas this year. I couldn’t believe it when this huge box arrived from Amazon! I’ve used it a couple of times already. Once to make brownies for a new year’s eve party we went to – using the same sort of ingredients as other raw brownies, […]