Moving On


This blog has been a wonderful outlet for me over the years. I’m really glad I started it back in 2009 as a way to experiment and cook and learn. Life has certainly taken a turn for me, although I’m still as passionate as I ever was about nutrition and cooking good food. Having a kid really slammed the brakes on many things, this blog for one thing.

But I’m back to blogging and setting my nutrition consulting practice up again – just not here.

If you’d like to follow along, my new website is:

I’ll be writing blog posts and working with clients and trying my best to find that work/life balance of modern parenthood. But this website will stay put for the foreseeable future to keep the recipes that live here!

Thanks for reading – and if you ever find yourself needing a nutrition consultant, you know where to turn!

Holiday Recipes

Anything we can do to get ahead for the holidays is a good thing. So I’ve made a little compilation of recipes here that I think may be helpful for any holiday meal. All of the recipes you see below are marked with gluten-free (GF), wheat-free (WF), dairy-free (DF), egg-free (EF), soy-free (SF), raw (R) and vegan (V).

I’m looking forward to my own vegan holiday feasts this year! Next week is, of course, Thanksgiving. For the past 2 years, we’ve hosted a big dinner in our little London flat. This year will be no different! Oh, except, I’ve opted to make it vegan. No turkey. That’s a big decision, but I feel good about all of the dishes we’ll be happily consuming. That bird will not be missed (but WILL be alive!) – there are some horrific stories surrounding turkey farms. I won’t go into that here – if you are interested though, read about it here.

But what to serve in the turkey’s place? Last year, I made Phil a vegetarian-friendly stuffed squash using the stuffing I had already made (baked separately from the bird) and it looked so delicious and festive. This year I’ll be doing the same, as well as making a nut & mushroom loaf, something I prepared last year for an early Christmas dinner with Phil’s family. Other options include baked tempeh, vegetarian shepherd’s pie with sweet potato topping, or butternut squash risotto. There are tons of recipes you could make instead of a roast turkey as the centerpiece of your meal, but most importantly, it is homemade – not something from the freezer section of the supermarket.

From The Particular Kitchen

Raw Cheesy Creamy Dip – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V, R

Squash Apple Ginger Soup – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Hearty Pumpkin Bean Soup – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Cranberry Ginger Sauce – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Wild Rice Stuffing with Apples & Pecans – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie – GF, WF, EF, SF

Cornbread – WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Pumpkin Pecan Bread – GF/WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Raw Pumpkin Pie – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V, R

Raw Apple Vanilla Tart – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V, R


From around the web:

Chili-Roasted Carrots – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Nut & Mushroom Loaf – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts – GF, WF, DF, EF, SF, V

Wild Rice & Brown Rice Stuffing with Apples, Pecans & Cranberries – GF, WF, DF (replace butter with coconut oil), EF, SF, V


Still stuck? The New York Times Well section has an amazing Vegetarian Thanksgiving Matrix with new recipes being added daily – plenty of inspiration!


Salmon and Greens

Images while cooking a recent dinner of stir-fried rainbow chard (with pine nuts, raisins, sesame oil, and bragg’s liquid aminos) and a couple of simply grilled wild alaskan salmon fillets (with olive oil, salt, pepper, and some more bragg’s).


What I’ve Been Doing

With no exciting new recipes to speak of and my head swimming with new knowledge about allergies and sensitivities (currently being studied), I’m afraid today’s post is just a series of random updates. However, now that the weather is cooling off a bit, I think some baking is essential. so more food will appear soon!

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Accompanying my husband to Manchester for part of the long Easter weekend to see some friends of his and attend a Man United game (my first time seeing a premier league match). While the game was a good result (Man Utd won), I was more interested in checking out the culinary delights of the city. We had fabulous meals both nights, Friday at chaophraya and Saturday at 1847 vegetarian bistro (formerly known as Detoxretox). Both had healthy options and accommodated restricted diets very happily. Good stuff.
  • I also scored an extremely easy chocolate truffle recipe while in Manchester. While the original includes butter and double cream, I think I could adapt it to be healthy AND safe. It shall be my greatest challenge yet!
  • Sunning myself on the lawn while listening to bauman lectures.
  • Attending a talk by willie harcourt-cooze, in which he explained where the finest cacao grows and how it gets made into chocolate. All in front of a 50kg easter egg which he made in his chocolate factory.

  • Planning a month-long journey to the States this summer. We’re going to be driving across the country for part of it, staying in cities neither of us have been to before, including Chicago, Omaha, and Denver. Can’t wait!
  • Changing my name everywhere! It certainly helps to get used to a new signature when you’re filling in hundreds of forms.
  • Enjoying the beautiful weather with a picnic and a BBQ. And it’s only April!
  • Cooking salmon for dinner, first with spiced fruit & seed quinoa and some asparagus, next on the previously mentioned BBQ (along with some roasted veg and baked sweet potato)


grilling lightly

phil and i were all prepared to barbecue last night. we had a brand new bag of charcoal, a (semi)clean barbecue from the 4th of july, and a whole slew of vegetables. but then the rains came. oh the rains. and it was COLD. an evening straight from a textbook about the british summertime. so, instead we decided to cook indoors, using a griddle pan and the oven grill.

there’s always a way!

that being said, this is a very summery and light meal, and would probably be best enjoyed outdoors by the glow of the bbq. prepare the dressing and yogurt sauce ahead of time (with goats yogurt of course) warm up some pita bread under the grill, and relax with dinner.

grilled veggies with honey dressing and spicy yogurt

serves 2

the particulars:

  • 1 red pepper, cored and cut into strips
  • 1 aubergine, cut into thick slices
  • 2 courgettes, cut into diagonal slices
  • 1 tbsp pine nuts, toasted
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 2 wholemeal pitta breads
  • 100g plain goats yogurt (or plain yogurt of your choice)
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 tsp harissa paste (or 1 tsp cayenne pepper)
  1. while the grill or griddle pan heats up, combine the honey, olive oil, and cumin seeds. toss the chopped vegetables with the honey dressing in a bowl and then transfer to the heated grill or pan. keep a high heat going and flip as needed.
  2. meanwhile, prepare the yogurt sauce by mixing the yogurt, lemon juice, and harissa or cayenne.
  3. once the vegetables are done, toss them with the toasted pine nuts. place the pitta breads on the grill to heat and crisp up a little bit before serving everything together.