Unbelievable Brownies

March 1, 2013 desserts

With a pretty much insatiable appetite for everything these days, I was so excited when a friend emailed me the link to a fabulous gluten-free brownie recipe from Left on Amelia via Elana’s Pantry. This friend is also pregnant, so I was thrilled to try it out after her rave reviews! They’re pretty genius (not […]

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Weeknight Pasta Upgrades

February 15, 2013 italian

When did pasta become such a dinner staple in the US and the UK? Was it always the standby dinner for our parents and grandparents? I have a feeling it wasn’t until the last 50 years or so that people in these countries started eating pasta at home on a weekly basis (unless they came […]

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Magical Spread

February 8, 2013 healthy habits

I’ve got a pretty incredible spread to share with you. It’s as tasty as it is nutritious, a combination I strive for with every meal. It takes about 2 seconds to make and only involves 2 ingredients. In fact, I could barely call this recipe, but wanted to share it nonetheless. As a pregnant lady, […]

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Your Healthiest Super Bowl Party Ever

February 1, 2013 casserole

I personally can’t wait for this Sunday’s main event – watching all the overpriced commercials and picking my favorite. Oh and the football game too. In the last few years, however, since I was living in London and they show the game live, which means it goes on far too late for me and my […]

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Salt & Vinegar

January 25, 2013 healthy habits

My favorite flavor of potato chip was always salt and vinegar. Something about the harsh tang and the sour factor really suited my palette! And now that I’m pregnant, this craving has come back with a vengeance. I can’t get enough of the sour stuff, especially if it is accompanied by a crunchy consistency. A […]

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