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What is Holistic Nutrition?

It’s not about calories and grams of fat. It’s not about the numbers on a scale. It’s not about magic pills or quick fixes.

It’s about making the connection between diet and lifestyle to impact overall well-being.

According to the National Association of Nutrition Professionals:

The term holistic refers to the integration of body, mind and spirit. A holistic nutrition professional helps individuals achieve a healthy balance between all three aspects of the human experience, while emphasizing the importance of an individual’s dietary requirements.

What is Eating For Health™?

Developed by Edward Bauman Ph.D., Director of Bauman College, Eating For Health™ is an alternative model to the typical government-run campaigns such as the Eatwell Plate in the UK or MyPlate in the US. This plant-based diet focuses on reducing our intake of refined, artificial, preservative- and hormone-laden foods and increasing our intake of organic, seasonal, local, and fresh foods.

It emphasizes the importance of enjoying your food, eating mindfully and at peace, savoring each bite.

It is about balance.

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How can this help me?

By bringing our attention to not only what we are eating, but when and where, with whom and how, we can notice patterns, understand how our diets affect our health, and begin to make sense of that connection. We can also see how exercise and lifestyle habits factor into our well-being.

Who’s behind Particular Nutrition?

Molly Robson is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator through Bauman College. She understands from experience how frustrating it can be to suffer symptoms that puzzle doctors. She also knows how simple and effective it is to heal ourselves through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Find out more about Molly, check out the services she offers, read her weekly blog, or get in touch today to schedule a free 20-minute introductory call. It’s never too late to regain control of your health.

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