Nutrition Consultations

Ready to feel better than ever before?

I work with you one-on-one to determine the best combination of dietary, lifestyle, and exercise choices for your optimal health.

  • How does it work? You fill out a Health Evaluation Form and keep a Food & Exercise Diary for 3 days. We have an initial consultation (60 mins) in which we discuss your health concerns, history, and current diet in detail. I then take this information and prepare a report for you which includes my recommendations to your diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle, along with recipes, meal plans, and supplement suggestions.
  • Can we just have one meeting? I’m not a doctor and can’t diagnose or prescribe anything. Therefore, I work with clients in a package of three or more sessions, comprised of a one-hour initial consultation and at least two follow-ups. This helps me to determine how best to help you, which is a learning process for us both!
  • Do I have to live near you? Absolutely not! I “meet” with clients via Skype who live internationally all the time and do a lot of my correspondence through email. Even my local clients sometimes prefer to chat via phone or email if they are too busy for an in-person consultation. However, my number one preference is to meet with you face-to-face. I work from my home and offer home visits as well.
  • How much do consultations cost? Prices vary, but consultation packagesstart at $150.

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Workshops and Talks

Public Speaking Events

    • A variety of Healthy Eating topics covered, including Detox, Boosting Immunity, and Seasonal Depression
    • Presentations last 30 minutes plus time for Q&A
    • Healthy homemade treats always supplied for my audience!
    • Check out my schedule of upcoming community events

Personal Services

Shopping Tours


    • Feel lost in the supermarket? One of my favorite things to do in a new city is explore the best nearby food shops so this service is a dream come true!
    • Get comfortable as I guide you around your local store and help you make the right decisions on your next weekly grocery shop.
    • If you have questions about certain ingredients or just need help figuring out what to stock in your kitchen, a shopping tour is right for you!
    • I offer this service in-person in the greater Boston area or I can send you a list of places to shop and a personalized shopping list for your location.

Elimination Diet Support

    • Suspect you have food sensitivities? Don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on expensive (and inaccurate) testing?
    • I help you determine which foods you’re sensitive to through an Elimination Diet, also known as the “gold standard” of food allergy testing.
    • After two weeks on a restricted diet, you start to reintroduce certain food groups one at a time, noting symptoms as you go.
    • We work together to find the best solution for you and I offer support as you transition to your altered diet.

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Seasonal Detox

I run an online 28-day Renewal Detox program 4 times a year

  • This is a gentle detox; no fasting, no juicing, no retreats.
  • Instead, I give you plenty of advice, meal plans, and recipes that you adopt for a 28-day period.
  • It is a great way to kickstart your health as a new season begins (January, April, July, October).
  • The program is run entirely online through Google Docs, Facebook, and email, so you can participate from anywhere in the world!
  • Cost is $150 per person and includes 28 days of meal plans, recipes, tips, and advice, plus open personal email contact with me.

See what some previous detoxers have to say about the program!

The Renewal Detox really has helped me shift my eating habits!

I lost that sluggish groggy feeling and was able to start running again.

My skin and eyes are so much clearer and I have been a lot more focused.  

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