“I found Molly’s Winter Renewal Detox to be approachable, affordable and actually super fun!  I really enjoyed experimenting with different ingredients and recipes.  I never felt deprived or hungry and felt I had the support of a whole group whenever I needed to check in.  At the end of two weeks I had lost 5 pounds, finally felt debloated and had glowing clear skin.  My energy level was incredible.  I am SO on board for the spring detox!” — Michelle F.

“For me The Particular Kitchen Seasonal Detox Diet pulled me back into healthy lifestyle alignment. I needed the support of a structured food plan to bring me back into balance.  Molly’s gentle detox diet was easy (after the first few days of my caffeine headaches!).  It was fun to become more educated, to learn new recipes and experiment with new foods. I felt free to ask even the simplest questions and get ideas from others on the diet as well as Molly.  When I had a question that felt more private I emailed Molly and she always got right back to me with encouraging information. She makes it easy to realize that learning how to eat food that is seasonal and alive is really attainable. To reinforce what I have learned from Molly I am committing to participate in the next three seasonal detox programs with The Particular Kitchen! Thanks for what you do in the world, Molly!” — Pamela U.

“I decided to do Molly’s detox after attending one of her talks as I was very impressed by her knowledge and passion on the subject. However I’d always thought that I had a fairly healthy diet so didn’t think I would see much of a change, I could not have been more wrong… within a couple of days I was beginning to feel so much better. I now find it much easier to get up in the morning, I no longer have that mid afternoon slump and don’t have that tight bloated feeling after eating. I’ve also had many comments from friends, saying how much better I’m looking; my skin and eyes are brighter. The service that Molly gave/gives is first rate; any questions were answered promptly with great friendly advice and encouragement. So in short, if you would like to gain more energy, improve your appearance, eat lots of yummy food whist losing a few pounds in the process you need to do Molly’s detox. Thank you so much Molly and I’m already looking forward to the next one.” — George S.

“I started the Spring Detox after seeing Molly give a talk and went into it hoping to lose a few pounds and manage my energy levels a bit better – and also to try and combat the 5pm urge to hit the biscuit tin! I was so impressed with the results. Within a few days I noticed that my energy levels were much steadier. I no longer had sweet cravings thanks to the yummy sweet treats Molly gave the recipes for (the almond snack balls were a particular hit!). Since finishing the detox I have noticed that eating bread gives me a particular kind of tummy ache and gas, which I’d never identified before, so I am planning to stay off the bread for the foreseeable future. I am also still cooking a ‘detox’ meal every night for myself and my husband, as the recipes are so delicious, and give us a variety to our diet which was much needed. It’s not always easy, as you do have to be super organised, but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve recommended it to many friends and plan to do the next one too. Thank you Molly!” — Caroline S.

“I have to admit that I was a bit of a skeptic to begin with. I thought I already knew how to eat healthy. But for months I had been feeling a bit down and my immune system was really low, and I knew something had to change. A friend told me about Molly’s detox programme and I signed up. I was only going to do it for a week or so but I was so happy with the results that I kept it going for 28 days, and I’ve stuck with a lot of the lifestyle changes that I made. I won’t lie, it was hard to begin with, but Molly was really supportive and her programme actually introduced me to a lot of exciting and yummy food. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. And pretty soon I noticed the difference – I had more energy, I felt lighter, happier and I stopped getting sick. It’s changed my life. I’d really recommend this programme to anyone feeling like they need a positive change. Thank you Molly!” — Jessica S

“I would highly recommend the Renewal Detox. The programme was very well run by Molly, who was really friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging, and always on hand to give you advice or answer any queries. I loved trying out Molly’s recipes (all of which were delicious!) and discovering new healthy ideas and foods. Benefits included increased energy levels, lower acidity levels and general improvement in well being. I’m looking forward to the next one!” — Anna F

“The Renewal Detox really has helped me shift my eating habits!  I really started to feel great when I signed up for a free week of yoga. Eating better combined with yoga several days a week has made me feel amazing!  I plan on participating in your next detox in April!”  — Leah S

“A ton of great things came from this detox! First off my belly is no longer tight, round, and bloated. I also saved money by stocking up on quick fix healthy foods and restricting eating out to only when i am with friends, which is so much more fun anyways!! Other huge results are I lost that sluggish groggy feeling and was able to start running again. It’s nice to know I have made all these changes while still being able to enjoy the foods I love. — Joanne D

“I have just completed the Renewal detox and have absolutely loved everything about it. The recipes were fantastic and it was well thought-out by Molly to fit in with your lifestyle, so you can easily stay on track while at work or going out. Molly is so very helpful and organised and offers genuine and caring advice throughout. I would highly recommend using Molly for health advice and especially trying the detox to anyone that wants to give their bodies a “spring clean”. My skin and eyes are so much clearer and I have been a lot more focused. I will be sticking to natural and organic eating as much as possible going forward.” — Katie C

“Thanks Molly, your food programme has been keeping me alive and healthy during a particularly traumatic time when eating and looking after myself were way down the list. I have just two things to say to you: “Moroccan Quinoa Salad and Power Truffles” “you heard it here first folks!”” — Graham A

“As a vegetarian, I had some concerns that I might not be getting the right amount of nutrients to maintain a properly balanced diet. Molly introduced me to plenty of new protein sources and encouraged subtle lifestyle decisions that have made me feel healthier than ever before.” – Anna H

“I worked with Molly on a special diet for a medical issue I was facing, which was quite a sensitive matter. I found her consultation style to be discreet, well thought-out and professional. Molly strikes the perfect balance at being extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly all at the same time, and believe me, she really know’s what she is talking about. I’d highly recommend her.” – Lynsey L

“My meeting with Molly Robson resulted in a lot of personal benefits that have helped improve my diet and energy levels. Those benefits range from understanding why I choose to eat the things I do and not eat the things I don’t; to carefully and easily identifying what foods will be of value to my body, mood and health as part of my everyday life.” – James A

“My consultation with Molly was friendly, professional and extremely helpful. I felt comfortable and very much at ease discussing my diet and the issues I was concerned about, and came away feeling well-informed, encouraged and inspired to try new tips, hints and recipes. Several months later I’m still endeavouring to follow the advice I was given and have definitely seen an improvement. Highly recommended.” — Natalie D

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